Osi Affiliate

Have you thought about all the people who would benefit from dancing at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks?

Well, now it’s even easier to track and get Rewarded

  • Earn points for each person you send our way. The more points the greater the reward!
  • Fast & easy commission payments through Paypal or studio gift certificate (whichever you prefer)
  • Get a unique, direct link just for your friends (only they will be able to get the guest special) 
  • Track your guests through your own dashboard
We love spreading the joy of dance and would absolutely appreciate any referrals sent our way. The greatest compliment a student can give a teacher or studio is a Referral. We are excited to have finally found the perfect platform for everyone to enjoy Referring!  
Start sharing and see your reward add up! 

Can you keep a secret?

                          We hope not!